Hip Groups

 What Are Hip Groups?

“Hip Groups” are a relatively new concept involving the use of Facebook groups. These  groups are formed to target specific geographic areas offering a way for businesses and people within these communnities to connect with one another to share services, events, and more.  These groups often feature an excess of 20,000 members with thousands of local businesses offering a new organic and cost-effective (free) way to advertise businesses.

How Hip Groups Help Our Clients

RF Digital Media specializes in Hip Group marketing of businesses to leverage massive ROIs (Return on Investment) to offset the cost spent on our services through getting your business and services in front of thousands of eyes without restoring to constant ad spend and creating a double bottom line (decreased spending and more income) allowing your business to thrive.

 Hip Baxter 

We currently operate Hip Baxter, a Hip Group we created based on our projections for the growth of Western Putnam County. Within one year, we have grown organically to over 5,000 members with a growth rate of 129 new local members per week. Our  projections show we will hit 20,000 members by mid 2024. 

One major benefit of owning this group is our ability to feature or client’s posts at the top of the group to ensure maximum reach and exposure to your services and content. In fact, this group has allowed us to produce a spinoff group called Baxter Homes for Sale/Rent in which we connect the West Putnam county community with real estate for sale and rent through allowing private citizens and agencies alike to share and communicate.

The Baxter Homes group is under phase 1 development. It is important to us that our groups grow organically through community engagement and positive experiences rather than push marketing as we have discovered this results in a much more responsive and real cross section of the community resulting in an overall better marketing experience leveraged upon a foundation of established community trust. This group, started 3 months ago is projected to hit 5,000 by mid 2023.

The Larger Picture

The launch of these Hip Groups is part of our larger strategic marketing plan allowing us to maximize our client’s reach and exposure to the entire Upper Cumberland and eventually other areas of Tennessee in the later phases.

Through the creation of Hip Groups, we are able to help our communities by connecting members and businesses to one another and allowing a medium for the sharing of events, resources, and organizations. 

Through the utilization of our Hip Groups along with already existing Hip Groups in marketing, we are able to get your business not just in front of many eyes, but get them in front of the right eyes both saving you money and making you money at the same time–a double bottom line.